The following outline provides details for production of our junior mountain bike race series. Our aim is to help prevent the spread of the virus while still offering important outdoor recreation which provides much needed physical and mental outlets for our community.  

The Arizona Junior Race Series is a local mountain bike race for middle school and high school mountain bike leagues.  

The racing format is a Team Time Trial where riders race against the clock, one at a time. Each team will be assigned a start time based on size and experience level.  One team will arrive at their designated time and each participant on the team will race one at a time on 1 min intervals.  That team will be provided with enough time to complete their roster of riders.  Only this team and our staff will be in the starting area. Once complete, that team will leave the venue and the next team will arrive at their assigned time.  The team at the next assigned time may arrive up to 15 min early and will be staged in designated staging area, away from others where they can wait until their start time. No parents or spectators are allowed in the staging area. However, we will designate “Parent Pods” within the venue or near the course. A Pod is a large area marked with signage where NO MORE than 10 parents/spectators may gather to watch their child race. These spectators must leave once that team has finished racing. There will be a one-way flow of people exiting the venue, so no overlap occurs with a staging team. 

Team members are considered one unit and permitted to stay together as they spend time together during weekly practice sessions. Teams will be required to register online ahead of time and coaches are allowed to pick up the race plates for the entire team.  

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Low Contact Packet Pick-Up & Awards

Face Coverings & Social Distancing

Sanitation & Touchless Aid Stations