Curious about Stage Racing?  New to mountain biking?  Never raced multiple days? We want you to give 3 days of racing a try – check out the adventure we created just for you:


3 days of racing for those new to multi-day racing. You can be a beginner mountain biker OR an experienced mountain biker NEW to multi-day racing. Here is your race schedule:

FRIDAY: SHORT TRACK – 2 LAPS (Start Time ~3p)

Mini Cup Stage Racers will have their own wave start and a clear course. That means you will race about 3.6 miles as fast as you can, hit the berm and the pump track in between laps while your support team snaps the pics. Easy! Have a Huss Brew, get some sleep and we see you in the morning.

SATURDAY: CROSS COUNTRY – 25 MILES (40KM, Start Time ~8:30a) 

Again, Mini Cup stage racers will start in their own wave and complete the 25 mile course.

SUNDAY:  ENDURO – 2 SEGMENTS (Start Time ~8am)

Unlike the full stage race, the Mini Cup racers only complete 2 timed segments (instead of 3). Racers will start at Segment 2 (Top of Scenic Trail). You will be the only starters at that Segment so no concerns about “being in the way” of the pros. Segment 2 is approximately 1 mile…downhill! Proceed to Segment 3 (Tech Loop). The final segment is right in the venue. Rumor has it that Huss Brewing will have cold beer up top to welcome you at the final descent!

Helpful New Comer FAQ’s:

What is the etiquette for passing/getting passed?

To pass give plenty of heads up with “when you are able, I would like to get by” or “trail left”. If you are being passed just move over when it is safe. Don’t get off your bike. The passer must yield to you.

Any recommended safety gear beyond helmets?

No additional safety gear is needed for the Cactus Cup. If you feel more comfortable wearing knee and elbow pads for the Enduro descents please do. Otherwise the courses are not too technical.

Any rules on drafting? Following too closely?

There are no drafting regulations in mountain biking. Drafting is a great technique especially on sections of Pemberton during the XC event.  Just be safe.

Aid stations on the course?

There is 1 aid station on the 25 mile XC Course, at approximately mile 12.

What time can I set up my campground?

Camp can be set up Friday morning; March 8 in either the Four Peaks Parking Lot or in the Competitive Loop parking lot. All camping is first come, first serve.  If you want more space and a little peace choose the Four Peaks parking lot (first right after the guard gate). If you want be right in the main venue, tight space/limited parking opt for the Comp.  Loop parking lot.

Can we have open fires at camp?

This is TBD by year. If there is a ban on fires notifications will be sent via Facebook and email

What is considered a “Jr” racer?

A Junior (JR) racer is 18 and under. These racers have their own age groups and special pricing.

What does SS Open mean and how is that different than gender categories?

SS = Single speed, those with only one gear on their bike. These racers have their own category but do not have age groups within the SS category.

What is considered an ‘Elite’ racer?

At the Specialized Cactus Cup anyone who thinks they have what it takes to chase the cash prize purse is welcome to sign up for the Elite Category. There are no age breakdowns within Elites, it is open to all ages.

For each of the days races, what experience level is recommended for each?

Any level of mountain biker is welcome and encouraged to race. We have set up the Mini Cup to encourage beginner mountain bikers or beginner stage racers to feel comfortable and confident to try our race.

I saw a video of people running/racing in MTB gear- what was that all about?  Were they running to their bikes?

This type of start is called Le Mans start (used in varies types of motor racing). In mountain biking a Le Mans start is used to break up the field and makes for awesome spectating. None of the Cactus Cup events have a Le Mans start.

How to approach improving on obstacles?  By this I mean you can ride up a rock that is 6 inches but are scared to ride up a rock that’s steeper than that.  How do you make the “step” to taking more aggressive lines or trails?? Ride more for sure, but are there baby steps/ progressions that could help? 

Best advice is to ride behind someone who is patient and a good rider. Following closely behind (within reason) and do what they do. It will do amazing things for your skills and your confidence. We can help too! Stay tuned to Facebook for pre-ride and beginner clinics dates.