MARCH 10th | 7:45 am (Mini) / 8:00am Cactus Cup & Enduro

The Enduro presented by Chuck Franklin Law is fast, not overly technical, not overly gnarly, but hella fun. Day 3 of the Cactus Cup will be a combination of timed downhill segments across McDowell Mountain Park.  These segments are linked by neutral sections. The neutral sections are not timed, however there is an overall time limit in which to complete the event. Winners will be determined by fastest combined time from all 3 timed segments (combined time for 2 segments for mini cup riders).
Note – This is a cross country style Enduro course. The downhill segments are not technical. Expect kitty litter corners and smooth, fast descents.


Start at Pemberton / Bluff intersection: This section of trail is fast, smooth singletrack, with a slight grade downhill and a few twisty turns.  Riders will be riding along up on top of ridges and finish down in Stoneman Wash. Segment is 2 miles.


Start at the top of Scenic Trail on the north end.  This section has tighter single track and a few more rocks.  Riders will get the best downhill out of this 1 mile section of trail from the top to bottom of the south end. The segment ends at the intersection of Scenic and Cinch. Segment is 1 mile.


Start at the top of T-Bone Ridge – riders will descend down the FRONT side of the Tech loop. That’s right, the side facing the parking lot, which means all your fans can watch from the shade! Pop out at the Tech loop entrance into the main venue and roll to the official finish line. This final segment starts up high, has tight turns and consequences.  Segment is less than 1 mile.

COURSE MAP – The map below shows the race stages in blue. These are the timed segments that you must complete to finish the race. The transition/neutral sections are in green. Transition sections are not timed and you do not have to follow exactly, they are only suggestions on how to reach each segment’s starting line.

For example, you may elect to be dropped off (by car) where Pemberton crosses the road to cut off 2 miles – ask a local if you need more details 🙂

PDF View (easier to zoom in)

START TIMES – First start will begin at 8 am on Sunday (Mini Cup riders will start at 7:45am) . Riders are allowed to start at any time they arrive. There will be no more than a 1 minute interval between each rider and a staff member will be present to send you off.  Riders MUST do all segments in order. Please start at Segment 1 between 8a and 9a then travel to 2 and then 3. You cannot race out of segment order.

(*Revised, Earlier Start) Mini Cup Riders only – will start at Segment 2 between 7:45a8:30a. To reach Segment 2 from the main venue cross over to the Four Peaks lot and use Shallmo Wash trail (west end of lot). There will be a sign at that trailhead. Follow to Pemberton and turn right. Route will be well-signed.

* Race director reserves the right to modify start times/gap as needed

FINISH LINE – Main Stage / Expo Area

START LIST as of 04MAR19 – will not be updated after this


$50 (as of 04MAR19)
Jrs are 35% off
*price increases throughout the year


Elite Men – Cactus Cup riders only
Jr Men 9-12
Jr Men 13-15
Jr Men 16-18
Men 19-34
Men 35-44
Men 45-49
Men 50-54
Men 55-64
Men 65+
Single Speed Open Men

Elite Women – Cactus Cup riders only
Jr Women 9-12
Jr Women 13-15
Jr Women 16-18
Women 19-39
Women 40-49
Women 50+
Single Speed Open Women


Custom number plates
Cactus Cup Water Bottle
Reusable bag
Other assorted freebies


Awards – each day the top 3 of each event, and each category will be awarded on the podium.
Leader presentation – each day the overall leader of each category in the Cactus Cup, and the Mini Cup will be recognized.

Reminder – Participants may enter any combination of the individual events or choose to enter 3 days of racing in either the Cactus Cup Stage Race or the Mini stage race.