The Power to ride more trails! Class 1 and Class 2 E-bikes are legal at McDowell Mountain Regional Park so naturally they are a part of the Specialized Cactus Cup. We encourage all e-bikers to join us for 1 or more events! E-bike categories are an option in each event: Time Trial, XC – 25 mile and Enduro. Sign up for 1 race or in the Mini Cup for all 3 races.

Class 1 eMTB is a specific classification for sustainable use on trails, paths or riding areas. Class 1 eMTB models are defined as “a bicycle with fully operable pedals, and an electric motor under 750 Watts peak power that must be pedaled to activate the motor and that ceases to provide power above 20 mph”. In summary it’s a pedal assist e-bike.

E-Bike Events

  • Time Trial – How fast can you go 5.6 miles and kick off the weekend? Open men and Open women TT on Friday
  • XC25 Mile – 25 miles of single track on Saturday March 9th (10:25am).  Officially timed race with top 3 podium awards for male/female. Class 1 eMTB only
  • Enduro – 3 timed downhill segments, 15 total miles of riding
  • Fun Ride – Brought to you by Fountain Hills Bikes! Join the experts and friendly faces from Fountain Hills Bikes and check out the 8.9 miles of single track route. Sunday March 10th at 11am. Class 1 or 2 eMTBs welcome