OCTOBER 16 – 18 2020



OCTOBER 16 – 18 IS ON! 

In order to return to racing safely, we have outlined our COVID operational plan. Our aim is to help prevent the spread of the virus while still offering an outdoor recreation opportunity which provides much needed physical and mental outlets for our community. The event will be scaled down with the focus strictly on competitive racing for this go-around.

Each day of the event we will host 1 competitive event.  Therefore, the following events will not be a part of the October 16 – 18 2020 weekend:

We plan to bring these ALL back for our regularly scheduled March 12 – 14, 2021 event.

 NOTE – **If you are registered for our KIDS RACE, KIDS CAMP or GRAN FONDO your registration will automatically be pushed to March 12 – 14, 2021. Nothing to do, we will see you then! If this doesn’t work for you send us an email.

This revised format will allow us to limit volunteers, spectators and large gatherings.  We believe that an outdoor event, with proper precautions poses far fewer risks than the average trip to the grocery store.

2020 Modified Event Format – CLICK HERE

DEFER OR STAY?  You tell us!
We get it – you may not be ready to race OR you may be jonesin’ to race.
Wanna race? – tell us (scroll down on that page link)
Don’t wanna race? – tell us (scroll down that page link)
Wanna confirm if you registered a while back? – no problem – check for yourself!
Deadline – tell us if you are stayin or deferring by Sept 30, 2020.
Not registered?  Get on it – space is limited and we expect to fill up

General statement regarding CV19 and these events –
In simplest terms, if you don’t feel well, stay at home.
If you have experienced symptoms within 14 days of racing, stay at home.
If you are not comfortable racing under the protocols or they are not stringent enough for you, don’t sign up or race.
For those that are registered and not comfortable, defer to 2021.
We are simply trying to provide an option to race with guidelines that are acceptable to the county for an event.

Thank you for your support –
Mike & Sage Melley